Our Stylist and Makeup Artist Alexandra worked with The Langham Hotel, Sydney this morning for their bridal collection. Here’s a couple of pictures of her work on the shoot. Watch this space for the final product!



















Looking for an exciting new career opportunity? We are seeking talented and motivated stylists to join our friendly and professional team at Emma Dean Salon. Located on Balmain’s cosmopolitan Darling Street, we require staff who are passionate about hairdressing, energetic, enthusiastic and adaptable.  You must be committed to delivering excellent customer service and have a desire to be the best that you can be.


When you join our team, you can expect:

  • An excellent salary
  • To be part of a growing and successful business
  • Exciting career opportunities including fashion, editorial, music video & TV work
  • Ongoing training and development with regular feedback and support
  • To work with leading techniques and products


We encourage you to be yourself, be creative and to explore the possibilities.


For a confidential interview call Emma on: 0404 090367 or send your resume to: Emmadeansalon@gmail.com


To find our more about Emma Dean Salon visit: www.emmadeansalon.com.au




Sydney Fashion week is in full swing for 2012 and we have been busy little bee’s buzzing around the overseas passenger terminal with Kms hairspray in hand styling the models locks for the runways.

Here we have our backstage glimpses of Toi et Moi who this year launched their “ready to buy threads”. Traditionally having to wait 5 months from runway to purchase Designer Gill Lawrence is appealing to the Consumers with  the “buy now, wear now” mentality.”You do fashion week to build awareness for your brand but people lose interest if you don’t capture the moment”.

Stay tuned for more backstage images……

See the runway show here:http://www.fabsugar.com.au/Pictures-Runway-Review-Toi-Et-Moi-Spring-Summer-2012-2013-Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Australia-Catwalk-Show-22904875



Check out a behind the scenes shoot we did  for  (Luxury wedding magazine, 7 pages  June/July  issue).


Here is a snap shot of behind the scenes on the shoot on Friday for the 14 page spread in the December edition of Sydney wedding magazine.

  • Models -Courtney Wells and Marnee Kidd
  • Photographer- Tim Robinson
  • Styling- Rosemary Slade
  • Hair- Emma Attenborough
  • Makeup- Garry Suits
  • It was a freezing cold rainy day at Curzon Hall and the mood was soft romantic and flowing.
  • Look out for the 14 page spread in Sydney Wedding magazine December issue.












INIKA CEO Miranda Bond accepted that due to her struggle with endometriosis, she would probably not conceive naturally. Thankfully, things changed when she discovered the book, Hormone Heresy by American holistic wellness guru Dr. Sherrill Sellman.

The book suggested three things: 1. Changing one’s diet to an anti-inflammatory and organic diet. 2. Eliminating products that contain potentially harmful chemicals, particularly endocrine disrupting chemicals (found in makeup, nail polish & household cleaners.) 3. Using natural progesterone cream prescribed by a doctor.

As she began to detoxify her life, Miranda realised there were potentially harmful chemicals hiding in everyday products, particularly cosmetics and skincare products.

After being on her new regime for three months, Miranda fell pregnant and was suitably chuffed. During the course of her pregnancy Miranda’s endometriosis cleared up completely. Following all of the life-changing recommendations from Dr Sherrill Sellman, Miranda’s health and vitality skyrocketed.

Miranda was resolved to focus her life on helping to educate and empower women to seek out more natural alternatives and to inspire women to choose natural and organic whenever possible.

Miranda continued her work by giving workshops on health related topics including Toxic Free Living. Through this she met Jenni Williams, whose son suffered from severe allergies. In 2005 the two friends launched the Thriving Healthy Women web site.

After a flood of emails from women searching for an all natural cosmetics brand, Miranda and Jenni decided to create their own natural and organic makeup range.

The result was INIKA, a 100 percent natural beauty brand incorporating mineral makeup, vegan and organic products that are completely free from synthetic chemicals and harmful ingredients.

INIKA is committed to delivering the following:

A phenomenal success since its inception in 2006, INIKA’s full natural makeup range is now sold in more than 16 countries around the world.

Miranda looks forward to continuing the INIKA mission of bringing world class natural and organic makeup products to women all over the world.




Here are some images of a photo shoot i did recently with the talented Hayley doing makeup and Michael Armstrong behind the lens.

  • Dresses were by Rhonda Hemmingway.
  • Photography by Michael Armstrong.
  • Makeup by Hayley Dutton.
  • Hair by Emma Attenborough.

Here are some foods that you can incorporate into your daily eating plan to fight skin problems and reduce wrinkles.

Apple cider vinegar- besides having amazing healing properties, apple cider vinegar keeps skin supple. It’s heavy concentration of enzymes helps to peel off dead skin cells and breaks down fat to help digest food properly.

Carrots- Carrots maintain the outer layer of skin to prevent premature ageing, works the same way as Retin A.

Citrus fruits- Hold the skin cells together by forming Collagen. Collagen cannot be added to the skin topically, which is why fruits and fruit juices are such and important part of the daily diet.

Garlic- Helps to combat wrinkles and restore tissue.

Sweet potatoes- Vitamin A is known to be a remarkable anti- wrinkle agent . Sweet potatoes are full of this, important for clearer smoother skin.

Tomatoes- Rich i Vitamin A vitamin C and potassium, this super trio helps to restore and rebuild skin cells.

Wheat Germ- To get rid of pimples quickly add 2-3 table spoons to your cereal or yogurt.

Along with a good skin care regime and daily exercise this will keep your skin clear and bright.

Stay tuned for  more tips on brighter skin for your big day.



When it comes to your wedding day one thing to remember is you want to look like yourself. On trend fashion colours will date quickly and the last thing you want is to look back in 5yrs time at those beautiful photos and say “dear lord what was i thinking”. (80′s blue eye shadow anyone?)

I love natural but flawless skin and neutral tones for eyes and hair colour, it’s timeless and looks good with any shape or skin tone. It’s ok to introduce a hint of  colour around the eyes but remember the colour that’s in for this year will not hang around long where your photos will be on your wall for years.

I like to keep with neutral toned eye shadows and introduce colour in the eyeliner or a slight enhancer in a soft shadow in the outer corners of the eye for just an illusion of colour.

Here are the power shades to enhance and draw attention to your eye colour.

Brown eyes – Greens, champagnes, bronzes, golds, browns and blues. Also try peach, corals, copper, pink, pale purples and burnt oranges.

Blue eyes – brown/orange, taupe, grey, violet, purple, deep blue and silver. To emphasize blue eyes try brown and rose shadows.

Green eyes - Brown colours from light beige’s – deep chocolate browns. Light purples and pinks will compliment green eyes, but stay away from greens olives and silvers.

Hazel eyes – Browns, gold, pink and lavender. Plum, khaki and mocha. Purple makes eyes more dramatic and use soft pink for a more romantic look. Avoid – Blue, silver, grey and blue black.

Fair skin should always avoid anything remotely orange or brassy as this will look  un-natural every time.

Mature eyes should always avoid anything with shimmer as this will enhance lines and age you more.

Keep the inner-eye  light to avoid looking tired and never use purple on fair skin as it will look like a bruise.

If your skin is naturally pink or red avoid anything pink around the eyes as this will only make it worse.

To lighten up tired eyes you can apply some Visine (from the chemist) and some chamomile tea bags (wet and refrigerated)over the eye to reduce redness, then apply a white eyeliner on the insides of your eyes.

Consult a professional eyebrow shaper to have your face shape and eye shape taken into consideration.

Always use mascara to finish the look as this will enhance ad open up the eye.




With spring on its way, i am now booking more and more outdoor weddings. I love the softness they create, a flowing dress and wispy hair, barely there makeup and an amazing array of beautiful flowers.
Here i have some inspiration for those of you who are thinking about an outdoor ceremony, take the colour pallet of spring and the warmth of the sunshine to inspire you